Education can transform the world.

Update 2018.11.25

使用教材 Children On the Move
作成者 Marites V. Patino, Maria Rizza Labao, Reina Takahara, Tomonao Tabashi
実施日 2018年8月10日
対象者 UP High grade 3 students
人数 40名
科目 英語(English)


  • 4 Quality Education
  • 16 Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions
  • 17 Partnerships for the Goals


  • Build an understanding of what life is like for people forced to flee their homes
  • Understand that migration has and continues to affect everyone.
  • Think about what we can do to help solve the issue.


  • Set up the classroom for viewing the short films.(PC, projector and screen)
  • Print enough sets of question cards for each group in class.
  • Print the pictures and its text for each group to respond to.
  • Print worksheets (How I’m feeling now・・・) for each student.


・Make groups of 3 or 4 students. ・Teaching/Activity Materials  ・one set of picture cards and their texts  ・question cards A and B for each group  ・Worksheet “I feel ・・・”

①Introduction 1(08分)

・TAO Tsunagu – (1minute chat, → 1minute WC share) ・Human Rights –(1minute-chat → 1minute WC share) ・Quality Education–(1minute-chat → 1minute WC share) ・Show students pictures, and have them 1-minute chat :What are these people doing? Where are they? ・Share the ideas in class.(1min.)

②Introduction 2(05分)

・Watch a short film:Three years in Za’Atari Refugee Camp ・2-minute chat:definitions of the word “Refugee.” ・Show them the definition on the screen

③preparing for the activity1(03分)

・Explain the procedure for the activity 1. Look at the picture card and imagine its situation 2. Choose a question from the question card and read it. 3. Someone else in the group answer the question.

④Activity 1 (15分)

・Qs and As, based on the question card A. (5 min.) ・Read the text. ・Qs and As, based on the question card B. (5 min.) ・Exchange ideas about how group members perspectives changed after reading the text. (5 min.)

⑤Short Speech(07分)

・Make a Shout Out Card (3min) ・Each group shows the card and read it out. (4min.) Take pictures while they are showing the card.

⑥Activity 2(07分)

・Work on the worksheet “How I’m feeling now ・・・” (3min.) ・Share within each group. (3min.) ・Show a map in which the children in picture cards are shown. Ask the question below.: What can you do to make their dreams come true?